Freedom, participation, democracy, peace, work and diversity are the values the Foundation embodies.

WITHUB turns content into value

WITHUB supplies effective, competitive and innovative communication tools.

WITHUB builds value through content.

The group sets itself at the centre of a synergistic network of media, companies, institutions and associations,
promoting the circularity of information and participation in its enhancement.

WITHUB handles editorial initiatives for newspapers and businesses, produces content,
organises events, and develops educational projects
for any target media in any language required.


Closed pages, specials, service pages, infographics, puzzle games, editorial marketing projects, to increase and optimise editorial processes


A team of communication professionals facilitating the achievement of customer objectives through specific skills and the use of online and offline media


A system for content exchange, creation and dissemination, capable of engaging different stakeholders and generating value from content and information


Technology underpins the design and implementation of easily integrated applications, software and technology infrastructures, as a response to the ever-increasing demands of digital transformation


A concept of training that works on promoting active and inclusive education, to implement educational projects that foster dialogue between businesses, institutions and the third sector with schools and young people


Conventions and corporate events for a different approach to the same vision: to promote sharing, relationships between people and the exchange of opportunities as a business tool


An approach to the world of translation, interpreting and language training that is strongly geared towards innovation, adapting each language to its specific field of reference

Freedom, participation, democracy, peace, work and diversity are the values the Foundation embodies.

The award was given to the greenest, least volatile and most profitable investment funds

In Rome the Forest of ideas of the future was born: the memorandum of understanding between RomaNatura and Fondazione Art.49 was signed.

The WITHUB events calendar is packed.

The Business Game Triveneto was held in Trento on March 3-4: an event dedicated to 50 students from the universities of Trento, Venice, Verona, Udine and Padua, members of the JE (Junior Enterprise) associations, who learned about and debated on Human Management: the strategic approach...

Fondazione Articolo 49 was founded as a direct derivation of WITHUB, whose social soul and spirit of initiative it represents, reflecting the company’s entrepreneurial approach and governance method.

On 27 October, Bauli celebrated its centenary with an event in the extraordinary setting of the Capitolare Library in Verona. Its President, Michele Bauli, talked about the Group’s past and future goals, using the presentation prepared by WITHUB based on data from the goodness survey...

“Pandemics, pharmaceutical strategy and ecological transition: the challenges of the Health Union and the war in Ukraine”, was the title of the meeting held on 25 October in the wonderful setting of the Royal Space Rome, in Palazzo Brancaccio. The event, organised by GEA and...


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