Fondazione Articolo 49: WITHUB realises the Constitution principles

Fondazione Articolo 49 was founded as a direct derivation of WITHUB, whose social soul and spirit of initiative it represents, reflecting the company’s entrepreneurial approach and governance method. The Foundation embodies the values contained and expressed in the Italian Constitution and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights: freedom, participation, democracy, peace, work, diversity and is active in all situations in which constitutional principles can be activated, as a generator of energy and involving the community (citizens, institutions, companies, media and associations) in an inclusive perspective. Information, data culture, discussion panels, open source technology, multilingualism as multiculturalism, educational activities: the levers for building change hidden in the WITHUB DNA. For the Foundation, education promotes the participation of all citizens in the participated construction of change by providing concrete support and integration to schools. With this in mind, the educational project “GEA EDU – Ideas for the Future” – exploring issues related to sustainable development, waste management and waste reduction,with a general focus on climate change – comes to life along with the project “Long Live the Constitution, the Constitution is Alive!”  – spreading the constituent values of our country – to celebrate the 75th anniversary of enactment of the Constitutional Charter.

Donate your 5×1000

If you would like to support the social intervention of Fondazione Articolo 49 ETS, simply enter the TAX CODE 12596200969 in your tax returns. The entire amount will be used to purchase educational material to be given to the schools involved in the educational projects.