Digitalisation as a tool for growth

WITHUB designs and implements applications, software and infrastructure to meet the needs of companies of all sizes.

The WITHUB applications interact effectively with corporate hardware and software structures, minimising impacts on the business continuity.

WITHUB has many years of experience in creating Data Warehouses and in designing, installing, managing and providing remote on-premise support for complex IT infrastructures using open source tools and state-of-the-art technologies.





Our services

Digital Development

Web applications

We design and implement Internet, Intranet and Extranet applications for communication and content delivery to target audiences.

Web Design

We create websites and web portals built to specific customer requirements, from the content architecture to delivery architecture, thanks to synergies with the other divisions of WITHUB.

APP iOS/Android

Customised apps for tablets and smartphones to support the brand’s ongoing communication with its users.
The project can include all stages, from the design of the app’s user flow, content, visuals and the technological development to publication on the App Store and Google Play Store.


WITHUB, a leading producer of infographics, interactive maps and videographics on a digital platform, provides ready-to-go solutions that can be easily integrated into client sites and systems.

WITHUB has proven experience in the development and customisation of software for the management of resources and organisational processes in companies. These are applications that integrate the advantages of Internet technology with the reliability and functionality of legacy systems, web-based programmes that teract effectively with the company’s existing hardware and software infrastructure.

Information Management

For a company, being able to value its data has become crucial and the implementation of a Data Governance framework is essential for organising business objectives and models.


In the field of Information Management WITHUB deals with:

  • Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence
  • Database Administration
  • Data Lakes
  • Data Mining
  • Dashboarding

Data Warehouses and Business Intelligence

These include the management, processing and analysis of corporate data. The in-house team has extensive experience in designing complex infrastructures that handle and process large amounts of data on a daily basis. Through the implementation and application of advanced analytical extraction and measurement techniques, companies are provided with the necessary support in understanding business dynamics, monitoring performance, forecasting, developing possible scenarios, identifying implicit issues and decision-making.

Database Administration

This guarantees the integrity of the stored data and all security aspects with regard to accessing it.
Main activities provided:

  • Installation, configuration and updating of server database software and all related products
  • Evaluation of database functions on the market and related products
  • Robust and up-to-date backup and disaster recovery procedures
  • Database design and implementation
  • Implementation and maintenance of database security, managing and controlling user roles and privileges
  • Monitoring and tuning of databases and applications
  • Documentation and definition of standards such as the SLA (Service Level Agreement)
  • Scheduling of growth and changes to the infrastructure, i.e. scalability of the infrastructure

Data Lakes

After analysing the customer’s requirements and objectives, data are extracted and stored in their original format, directly from the sources that generate them. Only when they are queried by applications and operators are they converted into formats readable by company systems and can therefore be compared with other information.

Each piece of stored data is uniquely identified: in this way, when a data lake is queried regarding a specific problem, this allows the relevant data to be extracted and analysed. A data lake may include structured data from relational databases (row and column tables), semi-structured data (CSV, log, XML, JSON), unstructured data (e-mails, documents, PDFs) and binary data (images, audio, video). For this reason, data lakes are ideal for performing very deep analyses, through which complex relationships can be discovered that can lead to the identification of new business.

Data Mining

This is applied to a mass of data that no human observer would be able to interpret correctly and critically, if not by relying on mathematical-statistical models capable of looking for correlations between several variables in relation to individuals. Starting from an analysis of the client’s requirements and objectives, our consultants automatically or semi-automatically explore and analyse large amounts of data in order to discover meaningful (descriptive or predictive) patterns with the aim of:

  • Clustering customers with homogeneous purchasing habits and socio-demographic characteristics
  • Identifying links between apparently unrelated products and/or services (basket analysis)
  • Analysing the customer behaviour of a brand in order to identify those at risk of abandonment and then adopt appropriate strategies to prevent them (Churn Analysis)
  • Analysing, for example, the use of credit cards to detect anomalies and trace fraudulent behaviour.



Given an integrated, structured and up-to-date set of data, it becomes essential to create effective visualisations of the processed indicators in order to ensure their most immediate and efficient use for management purposes. Using qualified and internationally recognised tools, WITHUB is able to provide the presentation deemed most suitable by the client’s management.

IT infrastructure

WITHUB has many years of experience in the development and management of infrastructure services.

Monitoring Service

It consists of detecting critical conditions on the objects/environments under control, in order to promptly identify and reduce the impact of any malfunctions on the company organisation.

These are the activities:

  • Preparation and organisation of the monitoring system, including the installation and configuration of specific agents for each type of object/system in relation to the service
  • Provision of monitoring service in H2X7 mode for production environments
  • Collection of useful data in order to perform periodic tuning with the aim of identifying possible implementations to improve the availability and performance of the corporate infrastructure

Service Desk

This provides assistance for all system issues and aims to provide first and second level support in accordance with the KPIs defined with the customer.

Infrastructure Management Service

It includes tuning and change activities related to physical and virtual machines, operating systems, network security, user management and storage at both the primary and backup logical levels.

Maintenance Service

These are hardware and software maintenance services and possibly include managing the service requests made to the hardware and software vendors involved.


The in-house team has know-how and experience in the areas of operating systems, servers, networking, databases, virtualisation, backup and storage and is able to guarantee a good standard of customer service for consulting, design, planning, deployment, operation and technical support.


WITHUB provides web hosting, e-mail, housing and cloud services as well as security, VPS, 24/7 monitoring, SSL certification, generic and geographic domain registration, Zimbra platform.


Managed domains


Email boxes


Telematic data marts


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