An editorial plan of 12 dynamic infographics to spread content with information on investment and economic issues.

A multimedia presentation adaptable to the mayor's speech, to sensationalise the event

The value of content

We are specialists in enhancing content to make mass communication of the highest quality and effectiveness through editorial and data visualisation skills.

Graphic design, editorial design and copywriting

Graphic and web design

Brand Identity

Data Visualitazion

WITHUB services for ensuring high quality communication

WITHUB, with its communication services, is an ideal partner for companies, institutions, associations, foundations and agencies that can rely on a qualified and reliable team, consisting of professional journalists, and editorial graphic designers who create internal and external communication products and services.

WITHUB specifically develops vertical projects of:

– Information design

– Content creation

– Brand journalism

– Visual storytelling

Editorial Services: graphic design, editorial design and copywriting

Backed by many years of experience at the service of the most important Italian publishers, we produce for our customers top-quality corporate magazines with excellent content and graphics.

The many
services we offer include:

  • Graphic design and layout design
  • Editorial design and copywriting
  • Integrated online and offline projects


We are the ideal partner for multiple products:

  • Studies, research and position papers
  • Newsletters and financial reports
  • Magazines, house organs and newsletters
  • Websites and landing pages
  • Websites and social media contents


At WITHUB, journalists, infographers and videomakers collect data, edit texts and create presentations: starting with the graphic design, during which various visual solutions are proposed to the client, and then proceeding with the analysis and implementation of the materials to end up offer a complete and effective product.

Our copywriters have a notable journalistic background, which allows them to seek out the news and build the context so that the core concepts are highlighted to maximum level. The ability to synthesise supports the simplification of even complex materials for effective communication to all kinds of targets.

Graphic and web design

The graphic design team aims to make the most of the content written for or provided by the customer. Depending on the set objective and the target medium, WITHUB is able to design various presentation solutions, starting from the respect of the brand identity and declining the proposals according to the target audience, using a coherent and targeted language.


The services offered include:

  • graphic design;
  • layout design;
  • web design;
  • integrated online and offline design.


One of the fundamental elements in web design activities is planning the user experience: special attention is paid to making interaction easy and smooth on any medium, be it a newsletter, a landing page, or a website with structured services and functions. An appropriate design makes the content or service easier and more enjoyable to use.

Brand Identity

Thanks to the proven expertise and extensive mix of experience available in the team of graphic designers, infographics, and copywriters, numbering around 40 people, we are able to provide services for the construction, revision and restyling of the client’s brand identity, both off-line and on-line.


We start by analysing the client company’s positioning, providing resources selected in view of their communication needs and activating an attentive listening phase to grasp all the elements of the client’s sensitivity in order to propose the most suitable solution.


WITHUB realises all the necessary elements to ensure integrated communication that is consistent with the client’s values and mission

  • logo
  • website
  • letterhead
  • internal documentation
  • external communication
  • business cards
  • fittings (offices, locations, ..)
  • gadgets

Data Visualisation: clearer and more immediate communication

Dashboards,interactive maps, infographics, slides, videographics and 3D leverage synthesis and visual immediacy to effectively attract and satisfy the reader’s attention offline and online.
These formats have the advantage of being easier to understand and share, effective and explanatory, making complex data and information easy to read. In the field of communication services, data visualisation is the meeting point between storytelling and journalism, and as such is a useful communication tool for use in companies, institutions, organisations and associations.


WITHUB, with more than 50,000 outputs per year, is the world’s largest producer of data visualisation. On the strength of this record, it built a network with the world’s leading agencies in 2018: Reuters, Efe, Afp, Statista, 3d Replay. . In Italy, the group publishes the only news agency in infographics, with an average production of 150 launches per day to more than 5,500 journalists: the distribution channel is a true unicum with more than 100 daily newspapers subscribed for a fee.


Depending on the customer’s needs and regardless of the chosen solution, communicating via data visualisation brings significant benefits:

  • It allows an effective and impactful synthesis of data, information and processes of all levels of complexity, making them easier to read
  • It increases engagement. Well-designed graphics immediately catch the eye and imprint themselves in the memory of the beholder
  • It provides objective elements, reinforcing brand value through valuable content, presented with coordinated and uniform brand graphics
  • It creates a distinctive, original and incisive effect, capturing and holding the user’s attention for a medium to long time period
  • Published, not altered. Texts can be altered, retyped, cut; infographics and videographics are published and shared as they were designed. The risk of biased or imprecise revision is eliminated: the message is delivered in its entirety


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La quota di bilanci sociali elaborati sul totale nazionale


On 27 October, Bauli celebrated its centenary with an event in the extraordinary setting of the Capitolare Library in Verona. Its President, Michele Bauli, talked about the Group’s past and future goals, using the presentation prepared by WITHUB based on data from the goodness survey...

‘Milan grows, Milan helps‘: it was with this ambitious title that the Sala Administration presented its mandate objectives for the coming years on 14 October at the city’s Lirico Theater, during an event streamed live by the main newspapers. A narrative focused on the vision...

The XXXVI Foreign Trade Report, the main information and analysis tool on the competitive positioning of the Italian production system in the global economy, prepared by the ICE – Italian Trade & Investment Agency – and presented on 6 September in Naples in the presence...

WITHUB has completed the Sustainability Report 2022 of Assofond – the Italian Foundry Association – narrating the sector’s environmental, social and economic commitments and goals. It was a demanding job requiring patience, willingness and cooperation. There are over a thousand foundries in Italy, employing around...

2022 is the centenary year of Baci Perugina and Nestlé has asked WITHUB to celebrate this important milestone. The creative team created an infographic – intended for the media – to trace the history of one of the world’s most famous chocolates, narrating its numbers...

The Annual General Meeting of the Ente Nazionale di Previdenza e Assicurazione dei Consulenti del Lavoro (National Pension and Insurance Board for Labour Consultants) took place on 26 November 2021, marking the 50th anniversary of the Board. In addition to producing the brochure and the...