An extensive catalogue of editorial products and services for publishing

Since 2012 the group has supported more than 170 newspapers with integrated services and products. Press agency, publishing service, business partner: WITHUB works with publishers and advertising agencies to better optimise processes through economies of scale that ensure the best balance between quality and costs.

Closed pages

Infographics and videographics

Service pages

Puzzle games

Magazines for periodicals

Layout design and Printing Services

Content for the Web

On-demand video distribution

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Graphics for display advertisements and banners

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Editorial Services

Closed pages, specials, service pages, infographics, puzzles, editorial marketing projects, the range of services on offer is comprehensive and competitive.

Closed pages

For the editors of regional newspapers, editing national news pages is necessary, but often not handled with the same energy as the editing of local components. WITHUB has devised a centralised production system to ensure maximum economies of scale and guarantee a level of quality that meets the publisher’s expectations.

Since 2012, domestic and foreign pages are delivered daily directly into the publisher’s system, relieving them from all the related tasks. The editorial team can proceed independently at every stage, from the selection of topics to the updating of the news, always guaranteeing high quality according to the specifications.


The publishing systems currently in use are:

  • Citrix (Gmde)
  • Methode (Eidos Media)
  • Goodwing – inDesign (Gmde-Adobe)


The service promoted by the group is based on maximum efficiency, providing for multiple ‘matrix’ operations, but retaining an appropriate degree of influence from the commissioning publisher (styles, editorial systems, graphics, foliation, editorial line, geolocation, possibility of last-minute interventions).



  • Autonomy in production
  • Ability to follow the editorial line (the ethical issues covered for newspapers close to the Curia or the economic issues covered for Confindustria members)
  • Ability to report news of local interest and to edit the presentation of the national dossier in a coherent manner
  • Flexibility and speed of intervention: working in the client’s publishing system makes the dialogue between the editorial office of the newspaper and the publishing service more immediate.

Infographics and videographics

Today WITHUB is the most important global player in the News Data Visualization field.


The production is divided between the proactive agency flow, which stands at over 150 launches per day, and on demand pieces, for a total of over 50,000 pieces per year.


Infographics and videographics are now an indispensable tool for presenting news in an appealing and effective way: stories, data and numbers are easy to understand and can be memorised more easily when presented in visual form.


Our graphic design department and journalists offer a service that is always up to date and tailored to the spaces available and the medium used. Additionally, the infographic and videographic supply service is designed to ensure that the publisher only pays for what is actually used. An onerous financial commitment with long-term, binding contracts is therefore not required.

WITHUB, with more than 50,000 outputs per year, is the world’s largest producer of data visualisation. On the strength of this record, it built a network with the world’s leading agencies in 2018: Reuters, Efe, Afp, Statista, 3d Replay. . In Italy, the group publishes the only news agency in infographics, with an average production of 150 launches per day to more than 5,500 journalists: the distribution channel is a true unicum with more than 100 daily newspapers subscribed for a fee.

Service pages

WITHUB has a proven production service that guarantees high quality standards thanks to software, databases (own or partner), while realising economies of scale based on the volumes handled.


The weather, the horoscope, the daily or weekly TV guide, the stock report, the sections dedicated to local cinemas and theatres are often the most read and popular pages among those who buy newspapers.
Graphic customisation, content localisation, an updatable, ad-hoc layout, xml texts for the web are among the services offered.
Thanks to our ability to collect and manage this kind of data and content, we are able to provide all the service pages every day, 365 days a year.


The services on offer:

  • Duty pharmacies
  • Weather
  • Stock market
  • Shops open for business
  • Horoscope
  • Cinema
  • TV page
  • Agendas
  • Weekly TV guide
  • Lottery and games
  • Theatres

Puzzle games

In the puzzle games segment, the WITHUB group works in synergy with Studiogiochi, Axioma and Fotoedizioni, the main players in the Italian market.

The possibility of using the country’s richest archives and most important puzzler network enables all types of products to be created, including thematic ones, with many diverse balanced combinations of quality, price and exclusivity.

WITHUB has also developed customisable digital applications that can be integrated with all types of platforms.

Magazines for periodicals

For years WITHUB has assisted editors of periodicals in the design and creation of magazines and collateral products. RaiCom, Mediaset-Fivestore, Centauria, FotoEdizioni, Cairo Editore are some of its most important clients.
It has also interacted with many daily news publishers to launch or manage editorial projects tailored to the publication.


Partnerships like these can begin in different phases:

  • Brainstorming to identify new editorial proposals
  • Creation and optimisation of the editorial plan
  • Creation or updating of the graphic design
  • Management of every single issue in its complexity or exclusively in relation to the layout design of content provided by the publisher

Layout design and Printing Services

Knowledge of editorial systems and the presence of the graphic team between 8pm and 11pmare essential prerequisites for delivering the service. This allows about two hours of work to be absorbed without the need to structure ad hoc departments.


The activities most commonly assigned to Withub are the following:

  • Mock-up management. The objective is to define the mock-up, keep it updated and always make it accessible to all the interested parties in every phase of production, from the sale of advertising to printing
  • Creation of issues, master page modification and page cleaning
  • Adaptation of display advertisements


WITHUB, also in partnership with Centro Servizi Editoriali, guarantees the correct balance between the standards of creativity and quality that the client expects and pays attention to the costs that may be sustained by advertising agency and editor without affecting the margins.


Delivering a prompt, comprehensive service also allows us to assist last minute advertisers successfully:

  • Obituary and advert insertion
  • Managing posters, uploading the online edition, sending newsletters and other back office activities

Content for the Web

WITHUB deals with the creation of professional content for the web by also developing related channels.


In particular, the services offered include:

  • Vertical Channels, populated with SEO-optimised texts, photos, videos, infographics, interactive maps and graphics, etc.
  • 2D and 3D videographics
  • Thematic mini-sites
  • Native and Full Campaigns
  • Interactive puzzles
  • Prime-time Football on Web and Mobile: goals from all competitions reconstructed within 40 minutes without violating rights; animated match presentations; interactive pitches
  • Event platform: full, wide-ranging selection of local and national events, complete with title, descriptive text and useful information
  • Electoral data: Data widget; Navigable maps
  • Continuous flow data aggregation: from official sources or generalist dashboards
  • Interactive graphics

On-demand video distribution

RedB is the platform for the distribution of digital content on demand on smart TVs, PCs, smartphones and tablets. Through RedB it is possible to distribute:

  • Live channels with unlimited streaming
  • VoD: organises, distributes and archives audio/video content
  • Advertising: implements a pre-roll, middleroll and post-roll video advertising strategy


Activities offered:

  • Programme management
  • Differentiated catalogue per country
  • Multi-window and multi-category positioning
  • Prices segmented according to the purchased resolution
  • Subscription Management

On-demand and editorial specials

It is the first portal of special features on consignment.

Over 500 editorial products presented with a marketing product sheet and pages ready for the press and for the web; Over 500 proposals for maximising advertising revenues.


To meet the requirements of advertisers and the interest of a growing number of readers, two product lines have been set up:

  • Advertising: the classic focus approach, perfect also for hosting advertising articles and display advertisements. The journalistic content is also built based on the advertising agency’s indications to maximise the advertising possibilities
  • Editorial: monographic pages on subjects of great interest, where infographics assign them an exclusive added value. Great ability to attract the attention of readers with long “browsing time” on the page are the strengths of the product


The proposed special instalments are studied to optimise the publisher’s and advertising agency’s efforts, and present four main requirements:

  • Timeline: the suggested calendar follows that of great events and festivities
  • Originality: over 500 different titles, over 500 perfect sector-specific windows to transform any general media into an appealing product also for those who usually invest in specialist magazines
  • Wide range: the internal contents of any one special feature are intentionally different, in order to try to expand the range of action of each single product. For example: the special feature on “chocolate” also talks about cocoa massages, thus also potentially involving wellness centres and beauty product retailers
  • Tested efficacy: the proposed titles are the result of the experience gained in the creation of publishing projects profitably implemented throughout Italy by advertising agencies is a complete kit: the advertising agency will only have the task of filling the advertising spaces. All the rest will be supplied turnkey, from the study of the publishing product and the tools for promoting it, to editing the advertising articles.


  • Marketing sheets: each special feature comes with a marketing sheet that explains the publishing product, the sectors involved and the advertisers to be hosted in the pages
  • Layouts – mock-ups: each product comes with one or more suggested mock-ups, which can be downloaded in xls format and personalised
  • Over 3,500 ready-to-use pages: all the pages have already been prepared and will be updated prior to their release. The entire publishing offer is thus already visible, allowing the clients to view the graphic rendering and the discussed topics
  • Turn-key advertising articles and display advertisements:the client can trust WITHUB to create the advertising articles and graphics for the display advertisements
  • Annual programming: with notice of at least three months prior to the year in question, marketing sheets and ready-to-use pages can be consulted and downloaded directly from the portal
  • Fully customisable: contents, formats, graphics, timelines: each characteristic of the marketing sheets, mock-ups and pages can be adapted to meet the specific needs of the publisher
  • Just a click away: the portal can accessed using confidential passwords; special features can be searched by keyword, suggested date of issue, product sector, type of advertisers that can be hosted. All the materials functional to the sales activity can be downloaded or shared with collaborators, by way of a simple click

On-demand and editorial specials


Whether the request originates from the marketing proposal, or from the advertising agency, the editorial office of WITHUB, the only one in Italy with an in-house news team, is capable of managing the entire production process:

  • Proposal of the list of topics to be agreed with the advertising agency to facilitate sales
  • Drafting of generic articles
  • Drafting of promotional articles
  • Briefing with the client over the phone
  • Elaboration of a draft and submission of the text to the client
  • “Printing approval” is obtained
  • Transmission of titled texts and photographs or the space already graphically elaborated to typography
  • Possibility of modifying subjects, spaces and pagination until the special feature is wrapped up


In the catalogue or on, the entire range of thematic products is available, identified on the basis of the main calendar appointments, ready for publication or to be modified according to the needs of the publisher or agency.

Graphics for display advertisements and banners

WITHUB is able to realise graphics and creative advertising for both the publisher and the agency’s clients to be published in the newspaper. WITHUB guarantees the right balance of creativity and quality in line with the publisher’s own positioning, while respecting costs that can be sustained without affecting margins.


Delivering a prompt, comprehensive service also allows us to assist last minute advertisers successfully.


Every year, 1,300,000 modules are processed for advertising agencies, overseeing every phase of the process:

  • Telephone briefing with the client
  • Creation of a sketch and submission of the graphics to the client
  • Discussion with the client and corrections until the “printing approval” is obtained
  • Supply of the personalised printing file to typography

Marketing support

WITHUB, in order to increasingly guarantee all-round and turnkey services, supports publishers in growing revenues and margins thanks also to established projects for supporting the titles, prepared for the relevant agency.


Below are the specialisations and some examples of activities involving the creation of content, the design of projects to involve schools and families and the preparation of advertising templates:

  • Prize competitions and contests to incentivise purchasing continuity
    • Vote for school
      This campaign focuses on families. It is a mix of a branding operation and a social activity centred on the publisher and the local territory, designed to secure readership loyalty by engaging schools and sponsors
    • Mother’s Day
      The pupils of the schools engaged through the publisher’s recruitment activities prepare Mother’s Day wishes for their mothers, which are then published in the newspaper. In exchange, each participating class receives a kit of educational materials
    • Vip for a day
      Storytelling related to various categories: companies, trades, free time (animals, local sports champions, talented musicians).
      Once the target has been identified, a contest is organised on the social networks for the engagement and on the newspapers for the voting
  • Newspaper in the classroom editorial projects to be developed in the classroom and published in the newspaper to increase copies and attract new investment
  • News stand competition to stimulate the sales network.
    The ‘classic’ but always effective points collection. The best-established mechanism for guaranteeing purchasing continuity and attracting new readers The project can be rolled out with the newsagent competition to reinforce the relationship with the sales network and create some healthy competition.
Circulation support


Through the commercialisation of NITRO, software that uses artificial intelligence to improve the dissemination and consequently the optimisation of press resources.



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