Collaborative platform for content enhancement

Inform is the division within which the Collaborative Platform project is continuously being developed.
The Platform is a system of exchange between various actors with the aim of generating value based on content and information.


Our services

A system for generating valuable content

The Platform is a constantly evolving network that gathers experiences and implements a model of comparison on key, vertical and central topics for the country.


The Platform is capable of increasing participation in the process of economic, cultural and social evolution by involving people in the collaborative process:

  • Media
  • Institutions
  • Companies
  • Citizens


All actors on the one hand bring their own content into the system and at the same time have real-time access to comprehensive and reliable information produced by WITHUB on topics ranging from ecological transition, sustainability and circular economy, European policies, inclusion and social cohesion.

WITHUB also provides the ‘Platform’ system with a content dissemination system capable of effectively promoting the interest and participation of different stakeholders:

  • News agencies and online newspapers
  • Web portals, social, newsletters
  • Educational and training projects
  • Events
  • Closed content with guaranteed circulation in third-party media (pages, infographics and videographics, dashboards)
  • Press Office



All activity is open to collaboration with the various players who would like to contribute to generating two-way information traffic, sharing in the distribution of value in a closed circuit, not dominated by the OTT.



The touchpoints that WITHUB provides and are currently active are:

  • GEA – Green Economy Agency,national press agency on the ecological transition and the circular economy as well as vertical news site for end users
  • Eunews, European newspaper, with editorial office based in Brussels since 2012
  •, portal launched in 2019 on labour, rights, family and social issues
  • L’infografica, generalist press agency in data visualisation, active since 1996
  • digital magazine on the world of mechanics, launched in 2018


The Platform system is virtuous because it is already active thanks to WITHUB’s ability to connect actors of various types and to identify the potential value of each actor’s contribution.

WITHUB strongly believes in this participatory model. This is demonstrated by the series of investments it has made to equip itself with very powerful vertical dissemination tools.


Responsible directors


Active partners between companies, media and institutions


Vertical platforms


Journalists and copywriters


    The award was given to the greenest, least volatile and most profitable investment funds

    “Pandemics, pharmaceutical strategy and ecological transition: the challenges of the Health Union and the war in Ukraine”, was the title of the meeting held on 25 October in the wonderful setting of the Royal Space Rome, in Palazzo Brancaccio. The event, organised by GEA and...

    Exclusive content, contributing to the spread of clear, valuable information.

    During the conversation, the GEA - Green Economy Agency - project was presented, the press agency on the topics of ecological transition, the green deal and sustainability

    Every week two in-depth analyzes are published on topics relating to sustainability, the circular economy and the environment.

    La Repubblica has taken up two news stories published by our news agency.

    WITHUB took part in the fourth IVS - Industrial Valve Summit to give voice to EmmediMeccanica, the digital magazine on the mechanics world

    Two exclusive interviews with Roberto Cingolani, Minister for Ecological Transition, and Enrico Giovannini, Minister for Infrastructure.