Communicating in a global and multilingual scenario

Understanding, sharing and integration as valuable and necessary values for the internationalisation and growth of companies. These are the values that WITHUB focuses on to offer its clients mother-tongue translations, interpreting services, corporate language training and support for internationalisation.





Our services

Translations and Localisations

WITHUB bases its differentiating value in the translation field on the experience gained through years of activity and innovation with great attention paid to all language specificities required to support the business.

In order to be able to process large texts quickly, the division has adopted machine translation tools that, combined with human activity, enable higher levels of efficiency.


The translation process is developed as follows:

  • Analysis of the text to be translated
  • Evaluation of the type of translation to be performed: pure or hybrid (with professional automations)
  • The project is undertaken by the reference PM
  • Choice of the specific mother-tongue translator
  • Translation of the text into the target language
  • Revision of linguistic rendering
  • Creation of translation memories or glossaries with cat tools
  • Saving in database for future updates
  • Layout check and delivery to customer


We manage:

  • Technical manuals and catalogues
  • Legal, financial and contractual documents
  • Brochures and presentations
  • Balance sheets and financial documents
  • International surveys and market research
  • SEO translations
  • Literary and scientific-academic texts
  • Desktop publishing and multilingual layouts
  • Creative translation of advertising and social media/blog texts
  • Mother-tongue copywriting
  • Website and software localisation
  • Sworn and legalised translations
  • Revisions and proofreading
  • Machine translation post-editing

Corporate Language Training

WITHUB designs and delivers highly effective language courses for companies and professionals, tailored to the set objectives according to the time available, for all foreign languages.


The method involves:

  • In-depth needs analysis (individuals and/or company needs)
  • Selection of the most suitable trainer – experienced and professional teachers
  • Customisation of the course and teaching materials
  • Face-to-face and online lessons and distance learning
  • Exclusive business courses
  • Design of workshops dedicated to the use of language in specific areas: meetings, presentations, e-mail writing, telephoning and videocalling, HR, technical office, sales
  • E-learning tools
  • Constant monitoring of results
  • Educational coordination
  • Preparation for exams and main language certifications
  • Language level certificates
  • Linguistic mapping of the company
  • Supporting the company in assessing candidates in the selection phase

High quality funded training

WITHUB provides support in the implementation of funded training plans, i.e. at no cost to the company.

Blended Learning Solutions


The effectiveness of the courses is even higher thanks to blended learning, teaching projects combining different solutions such as:

  • Dedicated lecturer in presence/online
  • Writing lab to improve writing through modular workshops
  • Webinars for small groups, always with different lecturers for conversation sessions on a range of topics
  • The Eyd Lab VVG app in English to reinforce training through distance learning after class
  • Package of phone calls of 30 minutes each, always with different lecturers to accompany the classroom sessions and get the learner used to telephone interviews

Interpreting and Voice-over Services

Conferences, company meetings, events, meetings, there are many occasions when an interpreter may be required to break down language barriers between people of different nationalities and cultures: the choice of a professional is crucial to achieving an excellent result.

With a multilingual team capable of satisfying even the most specific requests, WITHUB provides a comprehensive service.


The products offered:

  • Simultaneous, consecutive, negotiation, oversound, chuchotage interpreting, voice-over
  • Interpreting for meetings, congresses, trade fairs, business meetings also abroad
  • Multilingual voice-over service
  • Interpreters during medical consultations/testimonies/interrogations
  • Bidule system headphone hire
  • Services provided remotely and via video conferencing



Collaboratori madrelingua specializzati in Italia e all’estero


3 ore

Il tempo per ricevere un preventivo personalizzato


Combinazioni linguistiche trattate


Ore di formazione erogate nel 2021


Collaboratori nelle 4 lingue europee
principali (francese, inglese, spagnolo, tedesco)


On 25 September, the Donizetti Theatre in Bergamo hosted the 2022 edition of TEDxBergamo, with “’OXYGEN” as its leitmotiv. 13 talks, for as many speakers, and 4 performers providing food for thought and advice to help audience awareness of how human beings can transform an...

During the IVS – Industral Valvet Summit, the most important event dedicated to industrial valve technologies and flow control solutions, promoted by Confindustria Bergamo and Promoberg, WITHUB was present with its interpreters to provide simultaneous translation from Italian to English at the event’s opening conference.

Collaboration with the Consorzio per la tutela del Franciacorta (Consortium for the protection of the Franciacorta) continues. Italian Talks – the first talk show set in Franciacorta – talks about Italian excellence with subtitles translated into English by WITHUB. In each episode, Dario Maltese, journalist...

On 26 September, WITHUB took part in the 2021 edition of TEDxBergamo by supporting the event with technical sponsorship. During the meeting, an interpreter worked remotely and via streaming for the simultaneous translation, from English into Italian, of the three foreign speakers. In addition, the...